You can go to the kickstarter using this link!:

Hey everyone! So you may remember last year around this time I started up a Tales of a Gaijin Kickstarter, but this year, I'm doing a kickstarter to fund Volume 1 of Peter Pan!

There are so many awesome rewards like artbooks, bookmarks, super cute character themed goodies, commissions, and so much more! There will also be some extra content that will only go into the book and will never available online (this is the only chance to read it!). So, if you like my comic, please do go check it out!

Don't forget, pledging is not the only way you can show your support! Tweeting, facebooking, tumblring, and social media-ing this link is also super important and helpful!

Thank you so much for your time an I really hope you all continue to enjoy the comic!


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